Lyrei Estiere

Guildmaster | Cleric

Lyrei founded The Guild Almighty at age 237. At the time she had more than 100 year experience in adventuring, but had grown tired of wandering. Wishing to settle down, but not wanting to leave her city unprotected, she decided to gather names of nearby adventuring parties and together they became the Guild Almighty. Lyrei spends most of her days organizing quests for guild members, but she will still join a party on occasion, when the wanderlaust strikes her.

Ewenor Ra'lon

Senior Officer | Wizard

Ewenor was one of the original guild members sought out by Lyrei in the days of the guild's conception. The two has adventures together previously, and he had always been a trusted advisor. He has been an active participant in guild buisiness, from gathering leads on disturbances to scouting out locations before a party is sent. He is a valuable source of information to the travelling parties before they depart on their quests.

Solis Anthana

Officer | Rogue

Although Solis joined The Guild Almighty only recently, she has proved herself to be a valuable member. Her skill demonstrated in the many quests she has undertaken has allowed her to scale the ranks quickly to become a member of the elite. As an officer, she assists both Lyrei and Ewenor in the day-to-day workings of the organization, but is still an active adventurer as well, taking on as many quests and her responibilites allow.

"Being a member of The Guild Almighty has been so fulfilling! I get to see the world, while also helping the community I live in. I couldn't recommend it more."

Kethryll Moonwhisper | Raider | Druid

"The Guild Almighty saved my livelihood. My farm would have been destroyed if they hadn't sent a team of capable adventurers to handle the blights that were ransacking my property. If you have a problem, The Guild Almighty can help."

Vamelda Oridun | Community Member | Satisfied Customer